GMT starts with Train Service out of APMT

As an extra solution to avoid the current gridlock in Apapa, GMT is proud to present your fully operational Train Service. Starting today, GMT has the opportunity to deliver your containers out of APMT to your sites using a train. This means that GMT can offer a sustainable and steady way to get containers out of APMT to avoid the huge gridlock and avoid demurrage and terminal rent. The containers will be loaded from APMT and offloaded by GMT at our offloading bay at Ebute Metta.

We have dedicated trucks that do only deliveries out of the offloading bay and return the empties there as well. This will ensure deliveries!!! The availability is scares because there is only one track that we can currently use. If you have challenges getting your containers out of APMT and are interested in this service; please reach out to your normal contact person. Together we can make it happen, also in challenging circumstances.


Sincerely, Team GMT