Public Notice on Product Authentication Mark – SON Jan 2018

SON issues a Product Authentication Mark on all locally manufactured and imported products into Nigeria from beginning of the second quarter of 2018


Dear Client,

Last week SON has sent out a reminder that as of the beginning of the second quarter of 2018 they will enforce a Product Authentication Mark on all locally manufactured and imported products into Nigeria.

What changes for you as a manufacturer?

Nothing as such. The Marks are effectively stickers that act as a proof of payment. There will be 2 stickers:

  1. The Blue Mark is only for locally produced goods for export;
  2. The Red Mark is for import.

The stickers are to be attached to any import or export applicable to SON certificate. Please note that every sticker will have a code number to check if they are authentic.

How does this apply to goods already in Nigeria?

  • Imported products already in the market can be sold without the new PAM stickers up to March 31, 2018. No imported product subject to this regulation will be allowed for sale in Nigerian markets without the PAM sticker one month after the formal launch of the Stickers;
  • Importers and Local Manufacturers with huge old stock likely to be in the market after the above deadline are advised to apply and acquire the new PAM stickers from SON.


What is the procedure for applying for the new PAM-stickers?

  • Manufacturers of MANCAP Certified Products and Importers of SONCAP Certified products shall apply for issuance of PAM Stickers by completing an application form online, on SON website;
  • For Importers, application for PAM Stickers MUST be submitted before SON final clearance of the goods from the Ports of Entry;
  • For MANCAP certified products, application for PAM Stickers shall be submitted prior to the production of every batch of product with details of certification information. The Manufacturer shall provide half year estimated quantities of certified products retail/sales unit expected to be produced and pay for same.


How can GMT assist?

  • GMT has a longstanding and excellent relationship with SON. Especially for our clients with a lot of different materials/goods and with substantial stocks, getting the right stickers in order to be compliant can be a challenge. GMT can assist you in addressing SON in order to make sure you comply with these new regulations after March 31, 2018.

For more information, please click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated GMT contact person.


Operations GMT